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Is body conditioning necessary for my dancer daughter?

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

What are the benefits of body conditioning (for dancers)?

  1. Definition- Think of something that comes before dance, not like a warm-up, but like a wine to a good meal

  2. A pairing to your ballet class, the PB to the J, the salt to the pepper

  3. It goes together and makes things better

  4. You do Pilates to do ballet better

  5. Barboza is the perfect body conditioning class to dance

  6. There are ways to get strong in Barboza that help you *improve as a ballerina and dancer

  7. Specific improvements that you make, like

  8. Called body conditioning because it conditions your body

  9. *Increase strength, heart rate, flexibility

  10. *Prevention of injury

  11. Body gets used to doing the movements, muscle memory (Sharpens your muscle memory)

  12. *More focus on being the best

  13. Can’t get to the top alone

  14. If you’re a serious singer, you have to do vocal exercises and strengthen your voice

  15. There’s aerobic, strength, flexibility style conditioning classes

  16. She personally thinks a conditioning class can come from anywhere

  17. Crossfit person, F45 person,

  18. Body conditioning is different for different people

  19. Some people want to do yoga, some don’t

  20. Some want to dance, some don’t

  21. If you want to be more flexible, go to a stretch class to be more flexible

  22. “I believe that body conditioning is a focal point and a practice that you do to improve whatever it may be that you want to improve- flexibility, strength, handstand classes to improve for yoga, dance, etc.”

  23. (Stretch is the conditioning class for Barboza, Barboza is the conditioning class for dance)

  24. Supplemental to what you’re ultimately trying to do, or be the gateway into fitness

  25. If someone has never worked out or been in a class before, your body may not be ready. Body conditioning can help get you ready for what you ultimately want to do.

  26. “What I love about dance conditioning is that it’s a different approach to the same movement, which gives a different perspective, which gives your body the window of opportunity to change and adapt into your ballet class.”

WRITE TO THE AUDIENCE OF A MOTHER, 40Y/O “Is body conditioning necessary for my dancer daughter?” She already takes dance and they already stretch. Why do we need to go to more classes? Isn’t she getting enough? The answer is yes. If she wants to succeed and excel, she should take all the conditioning classes she can. Stronger, faster at picking up combos and choreo, most flexible, and easiest to work with, Every great athlete conditions- football players don’t just show up on the field with the ball for the game

Highly recommended dance conditioning is Barboza You can condition your body to do anything.

  1. Eat vegetables? Eat the vegetables Some dance schools already offer dance conditioning in-house… if you’re looking for something to help her surpass the others, Barboza


  1. Good at any age

  2. Best time to start is now doing anything

  3. You’ll be able to find the perfect body conditioning you can take throughout the rest of your life

  4. Important part of life and something you need to implement for the rest of your life

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